Weekly News 150- 5 November

Afrique du Nord: 

Le Maroc, l’eldorado des entreprises agricoles espagnoles : More

Agriculture 2.0 : Des drones prennent leur envol au service des agriculteurs ! More

West africa::

Ghana :  Gov’t in talks with banks over credit support to farmers More

Togo :Campagne agricole 2020-2021 : Les prévisions et les ambitions du gouvernement More

Central Africa

RDC : l’abeille de Mbuela Lodge, le nouvel or jaune de la province du Kongo Central More

Burundi : Gitega : les semences de maïs hybrides font saliver les agriculteurs More

Rwanda: Le Rwanda se lance dans le commerce de cannabis thérapeutique More

East africa:

Tanzania : THE Tanzania Association of Accountants (TAA) is set to meet next week to make constitutional changes. More

Sudan Khartoum State Dr. Abu Bakr Muhammad Nur Mahjoub has said that the aim of establishing the central market for crops and oilseeds in Omdurman was to develop the industrial sector and organize markets that contribute to the advancement of the national economy. More

Kenya The dangerous implications of chemical pesticides to public and environmental health have been a cause of concern. More

Southern and South Africa: 

Afrique du sud : Positive growth from SA’s agriculture sector despite economic crisis. More

Angola : Betting on the untapped potential of Angolan honey. More

The Caribbean & Cuba: Attracting and facilitating FDI is an essential part of the ordering of the Cuban economy to achieve socioeconomic development :More