JULY 2021


The Embassy responsible for The Gambia is in Dakar (Senegal) with an honorary consulate in Bakau (Gambia). Enabel has an office in Gambia. There is a small community of Belgians living in Gambia and there are two organisations for the business community, being the DGBL (which is for Dutch speaking business owners and managers) which was established in 2008, and the BLGGC (Belgium, Luxembourg, Gambia Chamber of Commerce) was establisted in 2015 and is based in Belgium.


The Gambia economy is badly hit by the Covid-19 crisis as the tourism sector was responsible for close to 25% of the GDP. The country is developing and especially in the sectors of infrastructure, constructions, food processing, agriculture and development there are many opportunities. The go to place is The Gambia Investment & Export Promotion Agency –


As a Commonwealth country the laws are British based, a review of the constitution was done and rejected by the MP’s, after which a new review has started. The present constitution is from the Jammeh era and is in need of reform.